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2017 Mesages

      Five Things That We Know
      Being a Son of God
      If a Man Die Shall he Live Again?
      Three Outstanding Qusstions
      Wherefore Remember
      Things God Wants You to Know - 15th. Jan 2017
      Unfailing Promises -30th. April 2017
      The Preaching of the Cross - 9th. April 2017
      It's Easy to Perish - 18th. Dec. 2017
      Ye Will Not Come to Me- 11th. Nov. 2017
      What Will You do With Jesus? - 22. Oct. 2017
      Questions to Make You Think - 17th. Sep. 2017
      Zaccheaus - 6th. Aug. 2017
      To the Jew First - 25th. June 2017
      The Atonement - 18th. June 2017

2016 Mesages

      Precious Things - 14th. Aug. 2016
      The End of the World - 30th. July 2016
      Titles of the Lord Jesus - 19th. June 2016
      Four Important Questions - 6th. May 2016
      The Wealth of God - 29th. May 2016
      He is Coming - 8th. May 2016
      What a - messate - miracle - mystery - motivation - 10th. Apr. 2016
      Imperatives - 21st. Feb. 2016
      Two Great Needs - 17th. Jan. 2016
      God - Mar. 2016
      This is a Faithful Saying - 18th. Deb 2016
      Who Jesus is - 5th. Nov. 2016
      Losing to Win - 2nd. Oct. 2016
      Because There is Wrath Beware - 9th. Apr. 2016

2015 Mesages

      Though He Was Rich
      The Gospel in Romans
      Some Things we Cannot do Without
      Three Asects of Salvation - 19th. Sep. 2015
      And I Saw . . . .
      Why You Need Salvation - 13th. Dec. 2015
      The Way of Salvation
      Sin - 31st. Oct. 2015
      A Shelter From the Storm - 11th. Oct. 22015
      God's Primises
      The Lost Coin
      Last Things in 1 Cor.15 - Derryneill Baptist Church - 15.04.18

2014 Mesages

      We Preach Christ Crucified
      Scriptual Certainties
      The Bread of Life
      After This
      Yet There is Room
      Things we Know
      To Seek and to Save
      The Unsearchable of Christ
      Reaching Others for Christ
      Precious Things
      Living Things
      If Any Man be in Christ he is a New Creation
      I am the Resurrection and the Life
      What will You Do With Jesus?
      Ye Will Not Come Unto Me

2013 Messages

      He Shall be Great
      Through His Name
      Why Did Jesus Die?
      Through His Name
      Three Searching Questions
      A Ransom for All
      Christ's Superior Sacrifice
      The Rich Man and Lazarus
      The Glorious Gospel of Christ
      The Cross
      The Name of Jesus
      Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock
      Are There Few That be Saved?
      The Kingdom

2012 Messages

      The Purpose of The Ages Part 1
      The Purpose of the Ages Part 2
      Thou Shalt Call His Name Jesus